The Open Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) Learning Event runs 13 weeks, in four (4) units that follow an introductory week (January 30-February 5). But, you may participate as much or as little as you like.

A "normal week" begins and ends on Monday morning at 9am. During that week, a learner will read readings, view/hear a lecture, write in their blog, tweet in their Twitter account, and participate in activities like group poetry composition, Twitter games and chats, and others. Most weeks the instructor will host another biblical scholar in a Google Hangout interview, inviting OOTLE17 participants to join via Twitter with their questions and comments.

The Writings (think Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes): Is the world a sense-making orderly place where people mostly get what they deserve, or a senseless mess where everyone just gets what they get? And where is the Complaint Department? February 6-26.

The Latter Prophets (think Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings): From the sweeping entry of Israelites into the land (are we supposed to care about the dead Canaanites, or what?), to God sweeping the Israelites out of the land (welcome to Babylon!). Kings and prophets. A lot like Game of Thrones. February 27-March 19.

The Former Prophets (think books with names: Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.): No, they're not actually all the same. For example, only one of them hides his dirty underwear by the river. And only one goes naked for three years. What's bugging these guys, anyway? March 20-April 16.

The Pentateuch (think Genesis, Exodus, and laws and stuff): Where the story begins, and where most of your dinner-table arguments with extended family come from. April 17-May 7.

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