When you tweet any tweets related to the Open Old Testament Learning Event 2017 (OOTLE17), be sure to include the hashtag #ootle17.

All tweets using the hashtag #ootle17 will be aggregated below.

"Why don't my tweets show up in the feed for #ootle17?" First, make sure your Twitter account is not set to "protect" your tweets: they should be public. Then, take a few actions to convince Twitter that you are a real person, and not (say) a robotic "spam" account: Include some "bio" information in your Twitter account, replace the "Twitter egg" with a real image, and tweet more than one tweet over a couple of days. Now Twitter will recognize you as a genuine account, and your tweets will start showing up in Searches and hashtag feeds like this one.

Finally, you can sometimes get a more complete feed at the Twitter web site.

Have fun!

(In some browsers, avatars are not showing up in our Twitter feed here. Not sure why.)