Week 13: "Law"

May 3-9 2016: Law

“Law.” What kinds of laws are in the Hebrew Bible, and how do they compare to other ancient Near Eastern law codes? Why are there multiple “law codes” in the Hebrew Bible? How does “law” relate to “THE Law,” or “Torah”? Here is a beginning list of “Big Ideas and Essential Questions” relating to the Pentateuch.



Read Bandstra’s third chapter, Exodus: Deliverance and fifth chapter Deuteronomy: The Torah of Moses. If necessary, review Prologue to the Torah. Or, in Stanley or your Introduction of choice, read on the Law, on the law codes found in Exodus 20-23 and Deuteronomy 12-26, on “the Ten Commandments” or “Decalogue,” and on “Torah.”

Recommended Reading:


View or listen to the two-part lecture, “Law”:

“Make” of the Week

Pick one of the following options for this week’s “make,” sharing it on your blog, remembering to tag your post with our tag, “ootle.” (Garrett students: Remember that your work is assessed according to the course rubric. You may need to add analysis or other elements that will allow you to include each element of the rubric. Remember too that you must have commented, thoughtfully and substantively, to at least three [3] other OOTLE-ers on Covenant or on Law by Sunday evening.)

Make Option 01: Make Your Own Make!

You’ve been at this a while. So make your own “make”! Write or record something that engages this week’s topic and course materials. If it helps, revisit the course’s Big Ideas and Essential Questions, as well as the course rubric.

Make Option 02: What Now?

Tell us where you go from here. How do you plan to retain involvement with those participants who might make up part of your Personal Learning Network? What future projects and plans might motivate you to engage again the materials and methods of this course? You can be tentative or provisional about your plans, but be specific.

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Google Hangout of the Week: Dr. Sara Koenig

On Wednesday May 4th at 2:30 pm Central Time, I'm interviewing Dr. Sara Koenig, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Seattle Pacific University. Besides "Pentateuch," we'll also likely talk about Bathsheba, and about "reception history": the study of the "history of consequences" that a story like Bathsheba's has in culture. Find the Google Hangout at this URL.

During the Hangout, offer questions and have conversation via Twitter, using our courses hash tag #ootle16.